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  • The overall tone of your send off would be:

    A celebration
    A reflection of me and how I live my life
    Simple and unfussy
    Traditional and respectful
    Something different
  • You would you like your funeral to be:

  • Where would you like your funeral service to be held?

    In a church
    In a crematorium
    At home
    Somewhere else
  • After the funeral, you would like to be:

    Donated to science
    Cryogenically frozen
  • I would like my funeral to be themed

    (this could range from everyone wearing a certain colour up to the whole day reflecting something you love such as a book or movie)

    Yes and the theme would be...
  • I would like to be buried wearing

    My favourite clothes
    Something formal
    Whatever’s clean and comfy
    A superhero costume
    Something else (e.g. my team colours)
  • Are there any songs or hymns you'd like performed at your funeral?

    If yes, what might they be?

  • Is there anything you'd like read at your ceremony?

    If yes, consider what would be read and who might speak

  • Do you want a reception/wake after your funeral?

    Yes - make it a wild one
  • I would like to be buried

    In the churchyard
    In my garden
    In a natural environment such as a woodland or hilltop
    At sea
    In a viking ceremony
    Somewhere specific
  • I would like my ashes to be scattered:

    In the churchyard
    In my garden
    In a natural environment such as a woodland
    At sea
    By firework display
    Somewhere specific
  • Have you got anything else you'd like to add?

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You’ve just recorded your Farewell Wishes

The next thing to do is to share them with a loved one.

You might not want to talk about your wishes and that’s fine but at least make sure that someone's aware that your wishes exist. From our experience, it's worth talking about them as it isn’t as hard as it sounds once you get going and in fact, it can be quite liberating.

Finally, if you’ve found the My Farewell Wishes tool useful and think someone you know could benefit from it too then please consider sharing it with them.

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